Vancouver, B.C. — Capitalizing on the robust features and performance stability of the Handset Content Server (HCS) solution developed by NINJA Mobile, Inc., Amp’d Mobile announced the launch of wireless data services to subscribers in Canada. Initially available in the Canadian market on March 14, Amp’d Mobile is delivering its line-up of popular, exclusive entertainment content, information applications, messaging and more via TELUS’ high-speed CDMA2000(R) 1xEV-DO wireless network.

The extensive functionality of the HCS product includes catalog content listings, billing authentication and integration, subscription management and content purchasing initiated through both Amp’d Live UI and the web. The complete HCS application was deployed in Canada with French Characters support. “Expanding our reach into the Canadian market was made significantly easier based upon our ability to leverage the HCS architecture developed by NINJA,” according to Vincent Vu, V.P. Systems Integration for Amp’d Mobile. “We plan to more fully utilize the myriad features and capacity already built into the platform over the coming months.”

“NINJA was involved in virtually all of the pre-launch operations activities, including network and hardware setup. As Amp’d continues its expansion into other international markets, we expect that the product sets that we have made available to them to scale to meet their needs,” said Jeff Capdeville, President of NINJA Mobile. “We found that we were able to draw upon our wide range of experience in the areas of enterprise wireless server infrastructure and integration to move this project along rather quickly.”

The deployment of Amp’d Mobile entertainment offerings in Canada builds on the success it has experienced in the United States with its slate of Amp’d Live(TM) services such as music, 3D games, live streaming sports, concert video and other advanced entertainment applications built for BREW. The success of the Amp’d Mobile service in the United States is evidenced by both the increase in data downloads the operator has seen and the popularity of its mobile entertainment offerings amongst subscribers. According to Amp’d, more than 50 percent of its subscriber base has downloaded or used a BREW game or service in the last 30 days and more than 80 percent have bought or used data services such as video, songs, ringtones and mobile Internet in the same time period.

QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and mobile data solutions, confirms that the launch marks the first commercial deployment of BREW(R) services in Canada. “Amp’d Mobile’s unique approach to mobile entertainment has proven to be a hit among its subscribers in the United States, and we are optimistic that its success, and the continued success of BREW, will translate well with this latest deployment in Canada,” said Arvin Chander, vice president of carrier relations for QUALCOMM Internet Services.

“QUALCOMM’s BREW solution has created the ideal environment for Amp’d to deliver the best in mobile entertainment applications and services to our customers,” said Mike McSherry, senior vice president, emerging technologies at Amp’d Mobile. “3D games, music, streaming video and other rich multimedia services that push the boundaries of what is possible on today’s high-speed wireless networks are at the heart of the Amp’d Live offering, and BREW has been a major factor in helping us capitalize on it. We are excited to bring our services to Canada and look forward to working with QUALCOMM and TELUS to create the best possible mobile entertainment experience for Canada’s wireless consumers.”